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Hello, all

About 15 hashtags were created during some period, than I decided to reorganize my hashtags. 
✅firstly I renamed all “todo” by deleting hashtags 

✅I checked web, syncronized and everything is fine: hashtags disappeared 

❌ but all those hashtags still show up on my phone, when I choose one of the tags - it shows todos that’ve been already renamed.

I reloaded the app but it didn t help (in case it could help 🤪

Please, advice

Posted: November 15, 2019


  • vofka vofka staff November 18, 2019 02:14

    Thanks for detailed explanation on your setup!

    In the current version, there is no option to manually manage the list of available hashtags. The app collects all hashtags among all your to-do items and shows the list of hashtags accordingly.

    There is no doubt that we just need to introduce some new interface in the app to make manual hashtag management possible. It would be the ultimate way to get the hashtag issue sorted.

    I've changed your topic type from 'Bug report' to 'Feature request' so everyone can +1 this idea and increase the feature priority for future app releases.

  • Yasmin Smith Yasmin Smith December 7, 2019 22:22


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