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Add today’s date to the items that are scheduled for “today”


on the iPhone, there is no calendar, so it would be great to see the date for the items scheduled fir “today”. 

Posted: December 7, 2019


  • vofka vofka staff December 9, 2019 02:17

    Are you using to-do favorite (starred to-dos) feature for scheduling for "Today"? We just need to better understand the context of how you manage scheduling to see how to improve the app.

    Btw, there is a calendar on the iPhone app too — simply rotate your device to a landscape orientation to see the calendar!

  • Yasmin Smith Yasmin Smith December 9, 2019 04:32

    When I click on the to do link at the bottom of the iOS app to see my scheduled tasks, the tasks listed for today simply list the date as “ today at 9am” or “tomorrow at 2pm”, for example. As I start my morning by looking at my list of tasks for the day, it would be great to see the date that “today at 9am” is actually referring to Monday, December 9. It’s a small thing, but it means a lot to quickly know today’s date without having to rotate the phone as I keep my phone rotation locked to portrait mode. I  have been having to leave the app to access my calendar widget on the home screen to see what today’s date is. Hope this makes sense!

    • vofka vofka staff December 9, 2019 07:21

      I see it now, thanks for the clarification!

      However, according to most users feedback, relative naming such as 'Yesterday', 'Today' and 'Tomorrow' are easier to read and understand when using the app on an everyday basis.

      In future app udpates, we plan to release a new pro-active "Up Next" filter for the "To-Dos" tab (which is going to be a default daily view), and showing today's date for that filter sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the feedback!

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