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Hi. I need help on finding the options to choose what to appear on the widget. I would like the task that is due the soonest to appear. However I cannot seem to find the option to do it. Can anyone please guide me with this?

Posted: April 14, 2020

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  • vofka vofka staff April 14, 2020 16:07

    The widget is currently designed to display to-dos scheduled for today. This means that only overdue and today to-do items will be displayed in the widget. Today — because this is what Apple guides recommend for widgets of such a kind as Pocket Lists is.

    We've a number of requests regarding the display of to-dos scheduled for tomorrow, next week, etc. So we'll keep an eye on this and will likely introduce more settings for the widget in future app updates.

    Converted your topic topic to an 'Idea' so other user can upvote it now too.

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