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I love your app, the icons etc... The only thing missing to me is the possibility to choose a design where everything is like zoomed, but to be smaller. I wish the lists, and the tasks, would be smaller and/or more dense, so that we see more of them at a glance. 

Posted: May 3, 2020


  • vofka vofka staff May 4, 2020 02:37

    Thanks for the feedback!

    At the moment, there are no zoom-like UI settings in Pocket Lists. But the app will use the default iOS font size defined in the main Settings app. Try changing the core font size setting and see how it will affect the app looks.

    Your idea of changing not just the font size but elements scale & paddings as well has been counted! We'll investigate how can we improve the UI this way in future app releases.

    • El El November 18, 2020 21:15

      I also agree that the fonts of the lists are quite big compared to other apps. Even just when compared to the search bar, I want it to be much more smaller and dense as well. 

    • Noémie Riaux Noémie Riaux May 4, 2020 03:43

      Thank you for the reply. The size of the other apps is good for me. With yours I just wish it could be more dense, to get a better overall view (like in Outlook or gmail, you can choose how dense you mails appear).

      Also, to be able to snooze and so on, directly from the notification would be great. But I guess it's a complicated development.

      THank you !

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