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Crashing. Not syncing. Lists switch


As I type, app keeps crashing.  iPad and iPhone not syncing.  List names switch and won’t move around.  Items added are immediately removed.  Removed items reappear. Almost unusable at this point. 

Posted: November 19, 2020


  • Karen Callahan Karen Callahan November 19, 2020 23:44

    when I try to go to “to do” list (which was empty but now shows 10 items) it immediately crashes. 

    • Karen Callahan Karen Callahan December 1, 2020 15:49

      UPDATE:  The constant crashing has stopped, but the app still doesn't regularly sync, which makes it basically useless.  When I make a change on one device, but it doesn't translate to another, then I'm not sure if any of my lists are accurate. 

      I have also noticed that I will add something, but after a time, it seems to sync, but  set up the list according to my other device (which doesn't have the new added item.). So, again, this makes the app untrustworthy.

      I am so close to giving up!  When it works, it works great.  But, when it doesn't........

    • Karen Callahan Karen Callahan November 19, 2020 23:46

      iPad app is worse than iPhone.  Immediately crashes as soon as it’s opened now.  

    • vofka vofka staff November 20, 2020 01:11

      It all sounds super odd indeed. Needless to say that nothing on a kind should ever occur with the app. So it looks like some kind of a corrupted local app data storage which make all these glitches occur.

      The best advice in such a case would be to re-install the app from the App Store from scratch (delete the app from your device and install again) > select "Start Fresh" > sync the app with you Pocket Lists account. All the data will be re-downloaded from the cloud ensuring the data integrity is ok and the app operation is back to normal.

      • Connie Peters Connie Peters November 20, 2020 18:34

        i am having the same issues 

        Reinstalling doesn’t help!!!

        • Karen Callahan Karen Callahan November 20, 2020 18:38

          me either!  Overall I love the app, but it sadly may be time for me to shop for another...

          • Jim Duyck Jim Duyck November 30, 2020 11:06

            same issue for me. Have deleted  reinstalled with no luck. Pls help. 

          • Karen Callahan Karen Callahan December 2, 2020 15:59

            Today I am noticing that items I add just disappear.  And forget syncing!!  Still, weeks later and the issue has not been resolved.  

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