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Hey there, everyone I add something it gets deleted. I also can’t delete completed to-dos. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks! 

Posted: November 30, 2020


  • Patricia Ramet Patricia Ramet December 1, 2020 13:03

    the same for me !!

  • Anna Sharapova Anna Sharapova December 2, 2020 11:09

    +1 My to-do lists don't synchronize. Everything disappears or doesn't get marked as completed   after reloading the app

  • Karen Callahan Karen Callahan December 2, 2020 15:56

    I am having the same issues.   When my list app keeps deleting items and not syncing, I can no longer rely on those lists.   I have been having issues for over a month and they haven't been resolved.  That's why I am in the App Store, shopping for a replacement.  Very frustrating.

  • HAB Boersma HAB Boersma December 6, 2020 05:03

    same issue, very frustrating.

    App in this way not of any use

  • Karen Callahan Karen Callahan December 6, 2020 21:05

    I have officially given up on this app and downloaded a different planner/list app.  It’s a shame because there’s a lot of potential with this. 

  • Natella Milkis Natella Milkis December 10, 2020 01:24

    i have the same. And it does not matter how often I look unto the list. I could write something yesterday, will be able to see the items the whole day, the next day they disappear. Then I add an item, close the app, open it, and everything is back. Drives me crazy! Please fix this asap. It’s been a while

  • Sandra Reber Sandra Reber December 13, 2020 06:09

    same here! Tasks keep disappearing, not good.

  • Vince Dolski Vince Dolski December 13, 2020 20:34

    I have tasks disappearing also. But also stuck on updating did this before and I reinstalled and it was fixed now back again. I use for business. I guess I bring out the old paper and pen again

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