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Syncing between Apple devices not working properly Answered

I use Pocket lists both on my iPad Pro and on my phone. Sometimes I use the iPad Pro to plan tasks at the beginning of the day and my phone to tick them off or I spontaneously enter tasks on my phone. However I have a syncing issues between 2 devices - only about 50% of my lists get synced and also some of the tasks I marked as complete on one device still appear as non completed on the other device.

Also from time to time I observe some kind of error in the settings e.g. like item not found or there appears some red exclamation mark on the settings icon (gear wheel). Can you possibly tell me where the error is?

Whenever I click on my profile I see that the app is in a constant updating mode but I don’t see the notification when it is done syncing.

Thanks for your help.

Posted: February 6, 2021

1 answer

  • Valeriya staff February 10, 2021 02:19 Solution

    Hi Evgeniya,

    I apologize for the multiple syncing issues you’ve encountered with Pocket Lists lately...

    Indeed, starting the November 2020 app update, several system sync-related issues emerged in the app, and we were unable to handle them quickly because of some fundamental incompatibility with the latest iOS and Realm (the database storage engine that we use in the app). And this time, these problems arose even more and affected some user account — including your account.

    The good news is that we’ve already started the major refactoring project over a month ago (late 2020), and the syncing algorithm — the most important part of the app — is what we are working on right now. 

    Sorry for all issues you’ve encountered with the app lately. We are like no other interested in moving the Pocket Lists app to the next level with a rock-solid foundation for data storage & syncing parts of the app. And we are doing our best now to deliver the app update with the fix as soon as we can.

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