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Microphone for dictation doesn’t work right


Every time I try to use the microphone to dictate into the app. it cuts off. Instead of typing my entries I like to dictate them. If I try to enter “potato salad”, for example, I may only get “potato” to show up on the list or “pota”. If I want to enter “pack for a trip“, the mic will cut short after “pack”. Then I have to repeat the attempt. Happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. I can’t dictate a stream of consciousness. If I have a grocery list in my mind and want to rattle off the items to create a list, it takes an incredible amount of time, and most of the time I just end up giving up and typing each list entry. Extraordinarily frustrating. Every time I want to enter an item through dictation it does not take a complete command.

Posted: June 23, 2021


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