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Hello, I'm from China. This is one of the few very good apps I've ever used. However, there are still some problems. The calendar function in pocket lists is the worst part I think. It can only show your plan or something. What's the difference between it and having a calendar next to the to-do list? The calendar should be set to the hour of the day to make sense. In this way, I can know what I am going to do in this hour of every day, eat or drink, or maybe I have an important meeting in this hour.What I want to see every morning is a "timetable" that I made last night, not a full list. We all like visual plans, clear plans, and plans need to be completed in time. Well, just having a plan is not enough. You have to allocate time for your plan. Your calendar part is a good choice, but it's not good enough. I can't use it for the time being. I hope you can improve it.

I wish your company every success

Posted: July 15, 2021


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