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I see someone asked this in May. It’s been more than 30 days so I can’t add a comment or give it a +1

I’d like a to-do today only view. 
It’s nice to see a list of what I have to do only for today and even better to look and see it’s been 100% completed. Gives a feeling of satisfaction and industry. Having an endless list of all the upcoming items just gives a sense of unending tasks. Also, I accidentally completed a task not due for several more days. I thought it seemed like a very fast week, which happens sometimes. It wasn’t until later I realized my mistake. So now I have to ignore it sitting there on my list, not needed to do for more than a week now.

I understand you have a calendar view if you turn the phone sideways. I don’t want to turn my phone, it feels clunky, unnatural, and I avoid landscape mode if at all possible. I also want to see a list, not a calendar. Maybe it would be okay if the calendar view could be in portrait view. Calendar on top, the selected day items on the bottom. 

As a side note to this, is there a way to turn off the green dot of items due tomorrow on the main page of lists? I like to focus on one day at a time. After I have today out of the way, I’ll start looking at what is upcoming. Seeing those numbers highlighted just stresses me out and makes me want to get rid of them. Some of the actions CANT be taken today and must wait for tomorrow, so now I am faced with the option of setting them as due a day late and hoping I don’t end up actually doing them a day late. Hopefully this is just another feature I overlooked.

Thank you!

Posted: August 7, 2021


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