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Multiple todo's


Can you add the ability to add multiple todo's without having to click "Done" after each one? It'd really expedite entering several, like grocery lists.

Posted: August 26, 2021


  • Valeriya Valeriya staff September 13, 2021 02:46

    Hi Mark,

    Please specify why would you not want to have a done button in your to-dos?

    • Mark Foster Mark Foster September 13, 2021 04:16

      To me, it seams like a done button should be unnecessary especially with NAND memory. If there is a reason to have it that I’m not aware of, you could include the done button as well as + button on the same window, so you wouldn’t have to press done and then + to add another item. When adding multiple items, a done button press required after each individual entry is cumbersome.

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