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List not updating


every time I close out the app and re-open, my list resorts to an old list. How do I refresh? Also, it’s showing I have a notification/item that’s due but nothing is due or scheduled. How do I get the notification to go away? I was thinking about purchasing the premium version if These can be fixed because I’m otherwise enjoying the app. Thanks! 

Posted: October 2, 2021


  • Valeriya Valeriya staff October 4, 2021 05:05

    Hi Ashley,

    Please try to re-install the Pocket Lists and log into your account on all of your devices again. It will restart the synchronization process with the Pocket Lists Cloud.

  • Michelle S Michelle S July 5, 2022 08:40

    I have premium. Uploading new icons and photos rarely work, and aren’t updating between devices. I’m not sure what you are telling this user, reinstall pocket lists. Are you saying delete, and restart?

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