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Would it be possible to create a feature where lists can be reset with one button? I would like to create a list of procedures rather than reminders as well. I would like to open up the list, check off the items as I go, and then have them reset in the same order so that way I can come back to the list, say, in an hour or so in order to follow the same procedure again. This would be great. Thanks!

Posted: November 15, 2021

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  • Valeriya Valeriya staff November 20, 2021 01:01


    You can use repetitive to-dos for that.

    Repeating to-dos in Pocket Lists work on the repeat-after-completion model.

    It means that there is only a single copy of each repeating to-do item at a time, and every time you mark it as complete, the to-do will be re-scheduled for the next occurrence based on its repeating interval and frequency.

    To set a repeating interval for a to-do:

    1. Tap on a to-do to open its details screen.
    2. Set a due date or due time (a date/time-based reminder).
    3. Tap on Repeat.

    In the basic free version, following repeating options are available:

    • Every Day
    • Every Week
    • Every 2 Weeks
    • Every Month
    • Every 3 Months
    • Every Year

    In the premium package, you can define custom repeating interval and frequency, i.e. every N (days/weeks/months/years).

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