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Hashtag management issues


Love the hashtag feature as it allows me to have one shopping list and tag entries with more than one store, like costco, target, and grocery, and then just look at the hashtag in the To-Dos when shopping.

The problem is that I can not delete hashtags that I am not using any more (and that does not have any items tagged) because for example I misspelled the tag, such as grocey corrected to grocery (both on macOS and iPhone and both latest versions).

Another issue I ran into is autosuply that I corrected on to autosupply, but now I have both hashtags and strangely both list the one item I have in the list (both on macOS and iPhone).

Another issue is capitalization, I am using the hashtag amazon but the To-Dos on macOS lists hashtags Amazon and amazon (only Amazon listed on iPhone), and my items are only listed for Amazon, and I can not delete amazon even though it list nothing.

Posted: November 22, 2021


  • Valeriya Valeriya staff November 30, 2021 23:30

    Hi, actually if you delete all the to-dos with a particular hashtag, the hashtag disappears from the menu. Try to delete all the items with unwanted hashtags.

  • Kristoffer Gjevre Kristoffer Gjevre December 1, 2021 14:19

    There are special cases that are not handled by deleting the items with the tag.

    Create TestItem1 with tag TestTag1

    Create TestItem2 with tag TestTag2

    Edit TestItem1 and change the tag to TestTag2

    Now TestTag2 will remain in list with no items listed even after both TestItem1 and TestITem2 are deleted.

    I did find that I can get rid of unwanted not used tags by creating new items with those tags and then deleting the tags.

    But I am not able to think of a way to solve the issue of how unintentional capitalization is not handled where the program somehow created tag Amazon despite me always typing the tag as amazon, and the items has the tag amazon but clicking the tag amazon list none while the tag Amazon lists all amazon tagged items.


  • Kristoffer Gjevre Kristoffer Gjevre December 1, 2021 14:30

    I have two item where I originally misspelled the tags, then corrected them but the items continued to be listed for the misspelled tag as well as the correctly spelled tag. Then I completely deleted the tag from the item and it is still listed for both tags. Note that I mostly use several tags per item, such as grocery, costco, target, etc depending on where I think I might purchase an item.

    I was able to solve this by deleting the items and recreating them, but it should not be this difficult to manage the tags!

    BTW, I am doing most of the list management in the macOS app.

  • Kristoffer Gjevre Kristoffer Gjevre December 1, 2021 14:39

    So I was able to work around all tag issues for now except for the Amazon/amazon issue in the macOS app, so please fix the code so this capitalization issue will be fixed.

    BTW, in the iOS app only the Amazon tag is listed (and not the amazon tag) despite all items are using the tag amazon...


  • Kristoffer Gjevre Kristoffer Gjevre December 1, 2021 14:50

    Also, how do I force the iOS app to sync completely to remove the bad tags I was able to remove from the macOS app? 

    I created one new item that synced to my iPad and iPhone where the Pocket Lists app was not currently running until I launched it again now, but the misspelled tags are still on both devices...

  • Kristoffer Gjevre Kristoffer Gjevre August 22, 2022 18:17

    OMG, it is so frustrating that I can not get rid of obsolete or misspelled hashtags. I now have a long list of them! I corrected the hashtag on the items but the bad hashtags remain in the list of hashtags! :-)

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