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Family sign in, Shared list sign in

I'm new to Pocket Lists…seeing its potential as a solution for our family, I paid for the Family Plan — assuming it would be easy to "gather" the family under my initial account.  I had signed in using my AppleID. I didn't see any way to add family members other than to invite them.  But when I invite to their email address, it only sends a link to the App Store to download the app (which I've already done).  How do I sign in the other family members?

On this same line, my wife signed into her fresh Pocket Lists account (her AppleID).  When one of us shares a list to the other, clicking on the resulting email link, leads us to an "Accept" button for that list on the webpage and asks us to "Sign in".  But when I sign in here, it doesn't accept the iCloud account/password….it seems to be looking for an independent account.  Am I supposed to create a "sync account"?  Then how does that sync account tie into my original account, which is my AppleID? Or is there some places within the app where I'm supposed to see the share offering?

Posted: November 23, 2021

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  • Valeriya staff November 30, 2021 23:24

    Hi, you can collaborate on a to-do list with friends in real-time.

    Collaboration means working on list to-dos (tasks) together. Everyone whom you invite to a to-do list will be able to view, add, edit, complete, and delete to-dos.

    Starting the collaboration is as easy as sending a link.

    Via Sharing

    1. Pick a contact or tap on a button in the top right corner.
    2. Select a to-do list to be shared.
    3. The list will be shared either instantly (if you already have at least one shared list with this user), or an invitation link will be sent (the user will need to manually accept the invitation for the first time).

    Via Lists

    1. Select a to-do list to be shared.
    2. Tap on an Add Users icon in the top right corner of the list.
    3. Either pick a contact from your address book or share an invitation link.

    Sending a link

    An invitation link is a simple private link (e.g. <code>pocketlists.com/lists/36/l25kdsjXJ3flrekj3lf5g/</code>) that can be shared via any suitable channel — email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, AirDrop, or even via publishing the link on a social media — and can be opened in any web browser.

    If the user already has Pocket Lists for iOS installed, the app will open up automatically and the list will be downloaded into the app.

    And even if it's not iOS or the Pocket Lists app is not yet installed, the user will still be able to accept the list and to collaborate — using the web app.

    The invitation link will be active until you reset list sharing settings (e.g. unshare a list with someone).

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