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I am really enjoying your APP, thank you so much.  I did want to say that part of the purpose of a To-Do list is to put the stress of the task onto paper so that you dont have to carry it in emotional memory.  And part of getting rid of the stress of tasks is not to have to see too much at one time.

My suggestion is that under the "To-Do" table called Scheduled, I want to see what is left for the day, and ONLY that day.  That is especially true on my front Home Screen of my device.  It is a big deal to see 3 tasks left, instead of 24, which includes upcoming days.

My other suggestion is related to the joy and/or SATISFACTION of doing a task.  For those of us who LOVE to make lists, there is a huge satisfaction in checking it off and then being able to see that.  I noticed that unless I create a task with a Repeat,  it disappears once checked.  I do see how to get it to reset it again, but that is different.  I think adding another level of satisfaction for a job done would be helpful and enjoyable in this app. Perhaps maybe a page with what has been accomplished for the week.

Thanks so much


Posted: June 30, 2022


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