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Parou de funcionar com a nova atualização iOS 16 Answered

Após atualização para o iOS 16 o app fica com a tela preta e não funciona.

Posted: September 12, 2022

1 answer

  • Valeriya staff September 24, 2022 04:05 Solution

    Hey there,

    The compatibility issue is fixed and the update of the Pocket Lists app is published in the App Store with the latest app release!

    The Pocket Lists app is working smoothly on iOS 16 from now on. There are still a few known minor UI flaws in the app, and we'll fix them shortly with an ongoing update.

    The issue occurred because we are using some third-party libraries (a common practice for most developers), and one of them started to crash on iOS 16, which made the app fall into the black screen on startup. It took some time to isolate and nail this bug. Thank you for your patience!

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