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Still Not Updating Properly


this is the third post I have made about this and even my email went unanswered. Clearly I am not the only user having this problem but yet after months of enduring the lags in this app, it still hasn’t been addressed or fixed. The issue is that the app is not updating properly. I have deleted, reinstalled, logged out, changed passwords and still not working correctly. Tasks are not updating properly and or only allowing me to type one or two words at once. For every one task completed the app needs to be closed then opened again. I used to be able to complete multiple tasks with each use, now the app does not update properly. I have had to enter new tasks 3-5 times before they would show up. When I go to settings, it shows the app is updating but never does. Only once after a 20-30 minute wait did it update and then I found all my missing tasks I had previously entered (some 3 times because it wasn’t registering). I thought it had finally been fixed, but the update only lasted half a day and now I am back to the delays and it won’t update again. This needs to be fixed ASAP! Please can someone respond. 

Posted: June 6, 2023


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