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Temporarily vanishing lists Complete


I’m on an iPhone SE running iOS 12.3.1. I find that when I exit some lists, they vanish from the screen where all the lists are shown, but reappear after I open another list and close it, or navigate to the Scheduled page and go back. I don’t know what makes the affected lists “different”, but only those ones are affected. I have a total of 9 list at this time.

So far the affected lists have brown selected as the list color, but one yellow colored list is also affected while the others are fine.

Posted: June 28, 2019


  • Daphne Koo Daphne Koo June 28, 2019 08:45

    I tried making a new red colored list, and not only does it vanish just like the ones I showed in the screenshots, this also happens when I try to move it all the way down to the bottom of the main page;

    The list visually becomes a clone of the last list, and when I exit that page or reload the app, the change never took place, and the new list is still at the top.

    Similarly, trying to unarchive a list causes the app to crash and the unarchiving also never happens upon reload, and it’s a cycle from there with all following attempts to unarchive.

  • Daphne Koo Daphne Koo June 28, 2019 18:32

    The errors got so bad after I removed some lists that one of the tasks I’d scheduled for today didn’t turn up in the scheduled section of the app.

    I logged out and in again and that fixed all of my problems, but there were two duplicate lists of one of the lists I had before.

  • vofka vofka staff June 30, 2019 04:09

    Sorry for the trouble!

    The issue sounds so odd, that when discussing it with our team, we could not find any clue that could cause such a behaviour of the app. Server-side logs did not show anything wrong for your account.

    We were thinking of some bugs in the Reminders / Calendars app data import and conflicts with the cloud syncing, or even some unexpected data integrity issues...

    But that fact that the re-login helped made us think that the issue was related to the data integrity. It appears that something could go wrong during the sync at some moment which made the app local data saved with bugs. And this resulted into user interface glitches.

    The duplicating list might be the particular element that resulted into these errors. It would be appropriate if you manually delete the duplicate from the app (just swipe an element from right to left to delete).

    Thank you for detailed explanation of the issue! We've created an issue in our internal bug tracking system and will try to re-produce the error in our test environment and proof the app from any errors of such kind in future releases.

  • Daphne Koo Daphne Koo June 30, 2019 08:32

    Thank you for the prompt reply! I still haven’t had any issues since the last time I signed in, except for the rare crash and task alerts activating at previously set times instead of the latest ones.

    Now that you mention it, something app-side did seem corrupted before I logged in again. I had deleted some lists thinking it would lighten memory load (since there was crashing), but that did not help, and the issues only got worse with every change I made.

    I don’t think the issues reported above might happen to me again, but just in case they do, is there anything I could send that might help?

    • vofka vofka staff July 1, 2019 09:37

      Thank you for the update. No additional details are required for now. Your initial explanation was clear enough and full of details for the bug hunting process.

      Several crashing fixes are to be resolved in the very next app update later this month!

    • Sumi Saini Sumi Saini February 17, 2024 22:27

      I have this issue all the time still & it drives me crazy! Every time I edit a List, it disappears from my List but then I go to another area in the app like To Do and then back to Lists again and it reappears again. What is happening?! Please fix. This has been happening for 2 years. I’m on iPhone XS, version 17.3.1. 

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