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App and Web showing different numbers


The app and web versions are displaying different numbers of tasks
for one of my lists the: 

- App says 39 tasks and 3 in the red

- Web on chrome says 40 tasks and 19 in the red

- Web on Safari says 40 tasks and 17 in the red

there are also dates missing on the web version

I generally use the App to input tasks during the week and Web to organize my day in the morning and tick off tasks as I do them.

Fixing this bug and Having them congruent would be really helpful!

Posted: August 5, 2019

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  • vofka vofka staff August 6, 2019 04:41

    Thank you for reporting a bug!

    Looks like a bug in the web app (missing date/time might be the reason for incorrect task count calculation). Will explore the issue in more details and provide a fix in future releases.

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