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I would like to be able to attach a pdf to a task.  The pdf would come from my iBooks.  Thanks

Posted: January 22, 2020


  • vofka vofka staff January 22, 2020 15:24

    File attachments are supported by the Pocket Lists app and are available as part of the premium package.

    Tap on a to-do and select Add Files. The app will prompt you to browse for images in your photo library or files from the system Files app. iBooks app is currently not supported, but try to locate your files via the 'Browse' button — your PDFs might be there available via the iOS system file storage.

  • Sally Sinclair Sally Sinclair January 28, 2020 12:41

    Thank you.  I understand how it works now.  

    When I click on Add Files, I get 3 voices: Photo Library, Camera, Browse.  
    I think it would be helpful if the Browse choice was called “Browse Files”.

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