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What is premium?

Pocket Lists is generally a free app.

The entire core functionality (including advanced features like location-based reminders, realtime sync and backup, collaboration on lists with friends, and so on) is available at no charge and is powerful enough for making lists and staying up to date on the upcoming tasks.

The premium account is an optional purchase that unlocks additional app functionality which helps being more productive:

  • Web app (and the sync between iOS and web apps)
  • Superpriorities
  • Subtasks
  • Passcode-protected lists
  • Custom repeat options
  • Apple Watch app
  • File attachments
  • More premium features are to come later in 2019!

The premium account is available for $1.99/mo, $12.99/yr or $19.99/lifetime (just pick any preferable option) via an in-app purchase or a card payment.

For our team, offering premium accounts is the primary source for keeping up the project development. We neither sell ads nor sell your data to third parties, and the entire Pocket Lists project is backed by users.

Your support really helps our team to keep it up!