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Purchase options

There are two ways to purchase the Pocket Lists app premium account:

  • iOS. Via an in-app purchase in the Pocket Lists app for iOS. Head on to Settings → Go Premium or Settings → Go Family and pick your preferable purchase option: either monthly/yearly subscription or a lifetime unlock (lifetime option is available for individual users only).
  • Web. Using a card on the app website. Same rules and pricing apply, but the real charge may actually be even less that in the iOS because of slightly better currency conversion rates and taxes. Head on to https://pocketlists.com/upgrade to make a payment. (You need to be an authorized PocketLists.com user to make a payment.)

Both payment options will eventually do the same — set the valid premium status for your Pocket Lists account.

Once purchased, the premium account will automatically activate on all devices linked with your Apple ID and/or PocketLists.com account.

In-app purchase → Card payment

Please note that if you have an active iOS in-app subscription, and decided to prolongate the subscription or buy a lifetime unlock premium option on the app website, you will need to manually cancel the subscription in your Apple ID settings because we (third-party developers) cannot do this according to Apple policies. Follow this guide from Apple on how to manage your subscriptions.