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你好!有两个问题请教:1.pocket lists创建用户和登录界面一直无法打开;2.购买了高级版包月项目,在7天免费试用期内仍然无法使用高级功能。 Complete


Posted: May 1, 2019


  • vofka vofka staff May 2, 2019 02:07

    1. On the first screenshot, the app is trying to open the signup webpage on the PocketLists.com website.

    The endless loading indicator may mean that the app simply cannot reach the destination page.

    Please try to open the sign up page again using another Wi-Fi network or 3G/LTE connection. It could be that the network provider might be blocking the connection for some reason.

    Though, the fact that you were able to post this topic in the 'Get Help' section on the very same PocketLists.com site looks odd. This is the first case of such kind we receive. We'll try to explore this issue and to get to know why similar URLs on the very same site (https://pocketlists.com/signup/ and https://pocketlists.com/help/) may work different.

    2. Do you mean that the subscription was purchased but did not activate itself?

    In such a case, please try to tap on "Restore Purchase" link on the premium page:

    This will update the subscription status with Apple servers and activate the premium.

    • vofka vofka staff May 2, 2019 02:11

      Please advice: when publishing the topic, did you do this via the app's Settings > Get Help screen? Or not in the Pocket Lists app at all, i. e. by visiting the Support Hub https://pocketlists.com/help/ using a web browser?

      This hint would be helpful for us for debugging this connectivity issue.

      • 里 万 里 万 May 2, 2019 03:17



        • 里 万 里 万 May 2, 2019 03:23



          • 里 万 里 万 May 2, 2019 03:38



          • vofka vofka staff May 2, 2019 03:38

            Thank you for the update and detailed explanation on screenshots!

            It's a bit surprising for us that the Support Hub (with its 'Post a Question' login form) works, but the same signup/login form in the Settings > Sign In cloud sign up button won't.

            The only difference is in these places in the app is how the internal browser is opened. Buy the page (URL) is the same in both cases — https://pocketlists.com/signup/

            Added an urgent issue to double-check what could be wrong with this. We'll need some time to review Apple developer forums and docs on some additional details on this connectivity issue. And we'll do our best to provide some solution.

            • 里 万 里 万 May 2, 2019 04:01


              • vofka vofka staff May 2, 2019 12:22

                Wow, great to hear it worked for you!

                Can you please clarify which network settings helped, i.e. was it some particular screen in the iOS Settings, or settings somewhere on a router? This information would be a good hint for us in case there will be other users affected by this issue. Plus it's going to be useful for finding more information on the connectivity issue on developer forums. A brief hint or a screenshot would be the best hint for us. Thank you 👍🏻

                • 里 万 里 万 May 2, 2019 20:48


                  • vofka vofka staff May 3, 2019 01:24

                    Thank you for the update! This hint will be very helpful for debugging this issue.

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