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App seems not to work under iOS16



after upgrading my iPhone 13 to iOS16 the App only starts with a black screen.

Restarting the app, re-install and reboot didn't help.

Seems to be a compatibility issue with iOS16?



Posted: September 13, 2022


  • Luis Tellez-Giron Luis Tellez-Giron September 13, 2022 05:43

    I updated iOS 16 and now it doesn't work at all!!, only a Black Screen. Please tell us what to do. 

    I paid a permanent subscription and I work with my Pocketlist every day in my iPhone

  • Tracy Nixon Tracy Nixon September 14, 2022 14:27

    Same issue here! Black screen after the 16IOS update. I use this app for everything! Help! 

  • Dragoslav R Dragoslav R September 16, 2022 17:22

    Cmon you app developer, fix Pocket Lists asap! I had to start using Apple's gross Reminders app 🤮

  • Heather Stuart Heather Stuart September 22, 2022 14:07

    anyone gotten anywhere with this? Thankfully I hadn’t erased my old phone yet, but I don’t want to carry two phones around either.

  • LUIS TELLEZ-GIRON LUIS TELLEZ-GIRON September 22, 2022 16:34

    I received this email from Pocket Lists on Sep 20

    Hi there,

    We're very sorry for the trouble with the Pocket Lists app. We are aware of the issue with the iOS 16 update and will deliver the fix as soon as possible.

    -- Valeriya Ubinina Pocket Lists https://pocketlists.com

    But nothing has happened until today. Please continue to post this problem until they fix it!!

  • Valeriya Valeriya staff September 24, 2022 04:02

    Hey there,

    The compatibility issue is fixed and the update of the Pocket Lists app is published in the App Store with the latest app release!

    The Pocket Lists app is working smoothly on iOS 16 from now on. There are still a few known minor UI flaws in the app, and we'll fix them shortly with an ongoing update.

    The issue occurred because we are using some third-party libraries (a common practice for most developers), and one of them started to crash on iOS 16, which made the app fall into the black screen on startup. It took some time to isolate and nail this bug. Thank you for your patience!

  • Ivan Mercado Ivan Mercado October 26, 2022 14:08

    Still not working, what can I do??

  • Luis Tellez-Giron Luis Tellez-Giron October 26, 2022 14:36

    It worked for me with the new update a few weeks ago (I don't remember how many), in order to work again with OS 16 you have to delete the old version and upload it again and sign in using your username and password. 

    It still has some cosmetical bugs vs the previous working version with Apple,  but it works, finally!!

    If I am not mistaken the developer is from Russia and took a long time to fix it, however, is the best App to control all personal and professional activities in your life, and I've tried and paid for several dozens!!

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