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The design of Pocket Lists is inspired by the real life experience of making checklists of things and keeping them in our pockets. Instantly familiar, robust, and dead simple to use — the ultimate to-do list app that helps families and individuals stay productive.

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I use this for everything. I love that I can make a store and then put everything I might be thinking of getting into the list. Love this app!”


I have used and tried no less than 6 current to do project manager apps and all of them have had something lacking. Pocket Lists by far is the best that I have found. It is easy yet so comprehensive and flexible. I have found that it gives me so much control over how I use it and gives me options to enable me to use it the way I want.”


This app continues to grow on me with its thoughtful feature set (subtasks, tags, etc) and clear roadmap. I bought it for its iPhone and iPad apps, but the web and watch applications are useful as well. On a lifetime subscription, this app fits my needs and my budget. Good job.”


Love the app. Super clean, super simple, very easy. Gets me through the day. I’m a subscriber to keep you guys hustlin with updates. Keep up the good work.”


I’ve searched everywhere for a simple checklist maker ... as far as I can tell this one is great! I can make categories and list within the category! Groceries / Music biz / To Do / Bills / People to call / Christmas card list etc..... I think it’s my savior because I have so many projects, NOW I can finally keep them all straight. Ease of mind.”


This is my favorite list app. I love the features and family organization. Cool icons, colors, and pictures let you personalize.”


It’s like you took all of my ideas and complaints about other checklist apps and made me my own perfect app! I love watching the evolution of your program, the ease of functions and how customizable and shareable this app is. I am a daily user and I can’t recommend this enough.”


I rarely write reviews, but felt compelled to do so on this occasion. This app is beautiful! Feels extremely native and very user friendly. Well done to the product team!”


I am a list type of person. I have checklists for everything, it’s just one way I keep organized. I can not count on memory alone to complete every task I have. Not only that but seeing my list as it progresses and is completed it gives me a sense of accomplishment and relief that I don’t forget things. With that said I have used other list apps including the one integrated in my phone and this one is the best! I truly use it almost daily. Groceries, house work, kids, family, recipe ingredient list, party planning and it goes on!”

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I paid the $19.99 to avoid any subscription costs. I used it for about a week and could see how flexible and useful this app really is. I was sold on what the current app is and what I could see the app and what it will be doing in future updates. I use this app every day at work and at home. I can see myself using this app for years!!! It starts as a simple app but can grow with you as you need it. 10 out of 10 for sure.”


User friendly yet very effective. Just started using it with my family but already love it.”

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