1312 Inc. maintains Pocket Lists app growth with the main goal to help you to create and organize to-do lists and to get things done in a joyful manner.

All Pocket Lists apps (including apps for iOS and web) are designed to manage your data locally on your device unless you sign up for PocketLists.com real-time backup and sync service. Even the web app available by the https://pocketlists.com URL will store your data in your browser local storage (IndexDB) unless you sign in with your Pocket Lists account. Please refer to a dedicated Privacy Policy document for more details on how the information is stored and processed.

Customer Support

1312 Inc. is doing it's best to provide customer support via email hello@pocketlists.com to every customer. The support team of 1312 Inc. may use automated online translation services (such as Google Translate) to better understand customer requests, but all email replies will be provided in English.

App Updates

1312 Inc. is continuously working on delivering Pocket Lists app updates to make the app fit customer needs even better. All app updates are provided on a free basis.

Premium Subscriptions

To keep the Pocket Lists project growing, 1312 Inc. offers premium subscriptions that activate additional app functionality. The team is self-funded, and earnings from premium subscriptions are the key factor for the team to continue the development.

Premium subscriptions can be purchased (activated) via either in-app purchase (iOS app) or online card payment (PocketLists.com website) in a fully automated way.

All online card payments performed on the PocketLists.com will appear in your bank statement under the POCKET LISTS name and will be legally associated with the Pocket Lists beneficial owner Vladimir V. Tuporshin (Pocket Lists Founder; a sole proprietor; RU; ИП Тупоршин Владимир Владимирович).


If you are not satisfied with your premium purchase, you can request a refund anytime. The refund will be processed as long it is technically possible. For iOS in-app purchases, contact Apple to request a refund. For online card payments, contact us at hello@pocketlists.com.

Limitation Of Liability

1312 Inc., its directors, employees, partners, agents, suppliers, or affiliates, shall not be liable for direct, implied, accidental, intentional penalties, losses and other damages, including, but not limited to, loss of income, reputation, user rights, data and other types of losses with intangible assets involved, in case such losses and damages resulted from a) use or inability to use Pocket Lists apps and related products; b) acquisition of alternative goods or services as a consequence of the use of Pocket Lists to acquire goods, data, information, services, messages or make deals; c) unauthorized access to data or their damage as a result of user's action; d) actions or claims related to the Pocket Lists expressed by third parties; e) any other reason related to the product.

Warranty Disclaimer

a) The decision to use Pocket Lists is made solely by you. 1312 Inc. deliberately disclaims guarantees of any kind, apparent or implied, including, but not limited to, guarantees of profits resulting from the use of Pocket Lists and their adequacy for particular purposes, which are not described in these document.

b) Obtaining information via Pocket Lists through downloading files or otherwise takes places at your discretion. You are the sole person responsible for any damage to hardware or loss of data which may result from obtaining such information via Pocket Lists apps and related services.

c) Recommendations or information, in oral or written form received by you from 1312 Inc. or via Pocket Lists apps and related services imply no guarantees, unless otherwise specified in this document.


We reserve the right to update these Terms Of Use at any time in order to keep it relevant and actual with the Pocket Lists project evolution. The updated Terms will be posted on the PocketLists.com website and emailed to users if appropriate.

October 2018. Terms of Use updated to reflect the release of the Pocket Lists web app and the ability to activate Premium Subscriptions using the online card payment option.

August 2018. Terms of Use updated to reflect the release of the PocketLists.com cloud sync service.

April 2018. Initial Terms of Use document published.