At 1312 Inc., we have established the entire Pocket Lists project with the goal to make it the world’s friendliest to-do list app. This goal makes us truly care about designing complex things accessible, friendly, and very easy to use for everyone in the world. These core principles apply to everything we do with Pocket Lists including the user interface design, feature selection, system performance, security — and your privacy.

This document explains how we store and process data for you to be sure that your personal information is safe and protected, and it is only you who can fully access and manage your data.

On-Your-Device-Only By Default

Right out of the box and on every platform, the Pocket Lists app (hereinafter, App) stores and processes your data — to-do lists, to-do items, reminders, locations, priorities, and everything else (hereinafter, Data) — locally on your device only.

Your data is not sent anywhere away from your device unless you sign up for an a account (hereinafter, Account).

Even the web app at stores all the information in the browser’s IndexDB local storage on your device only. The data is being sent and sync with the Account only when you sign in, and not any sooner. — Backup, Sync, and Collaboration

When you sign up for the Account, your data is uploaded to secure server in order to enable real-time data backup and synchronization with capabilities to share to-do lists with other people and to collaborate on things together.

The personal information associated with your Account includes your name, email address, to-do lists, to-do items, reminders, locations, priorities, and list sharing settings.

Any piece of information stored in your Account is not subject to disclosure or transfer to any third party under any conditions, except for the requests issued by law enforcement agencies under applicable legislation or court order.

HTTPS only

All data transfers between the App on your device are performed via a secure SSL connection (https://). The data is stored in a secure up-to-date database. Accessing the Data is possible only by signing into the Account with a valid email and password.

Usage Data, Stats & Crash Reporting

We use several third party services for processing and analyzing the App usage statistics, collecting anonymized crash reporting, and real-time notifications:

  • Google Analytics (website traffic),
  • Fabric (app usage statistics and crash reporting),
  • OneSignal (push notifications).

Usage data is collected to troubleshoot problems, analyze the performance, track and improve the App and the service. Access to the anonymized usage data is available to our staff irrespective of their locations.

Website Cookies

Our websites may use cookies for authorization (sign in) purposes and/or aggregate usage statistics services such as Google Analytics. However, when it technically possible, we prefer to use modern client-only storage technologies such as IndexDB instead of cookies.

We Won’t Sell Your Data

Pocket Lists is backed by users. Premium subscriptions is our main pricing strategy, and thus we neither sell ads nor sell your data to third parties. We are just not that kind of business.


We value and follow requirements set by the GDPR.

You are entitled with the full control over your personal information. Please reach us at for any personal data requests and operations which are not available via the App and website out of the box. By your request, we can export and provide you all the information assets associated with your Account and/or to permanently delete your Account.

The Data is hosted and processed in a secure datacenter in the United States, the country GDPR considers as the “country that offers an appropriate level of protection”.


We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time in order to keep it relevant and actual with the Pocket Lists project evolution. The updated Privacy Policy will be posted on the website and emailed to users if appropriate.

August 2018. cloud sync is released. Privacy policy updated with the explanation on how we store and process your data on

April 2018. Initial privacy policy document published with and explanation of on-your-device-only app data storage nature.