Private Cloud Sync Hub

An open source server-side to-do list app for teams. Free. Open source.

Pocket Lists for Webasyst

Open Source

Developed on the LAMP stack (PHP/MariaDB) and with the source code available on GitHub, the app is easily extensible with numerous existing Webasyst apps and even your custom-crafted plugins.

On Your Server

Your server (hosting) means full control over your data and the code.

Being written in PHP makes the app compatible with almost any web hosting. No hosting lock-in.

For Teams

Based on the powerful Webasyst framework and designed for teamwork and collaboration. Invite teammates, configure access rights, and you are good to go.

How It Works

Pocket Lists for Webasyst is a server-side web app that handles data storage (backend) and offers a web-based user interface (frontend) for working with your lists and to-dos.

The app is based on the popular LAMP stack (PHP / MariaDB) and is designed to be installed on any web server or shared hosting of your choice. Very similar to WordPress blogging platform.

From the groud up, the private cloud is a shared environment for teams, which means that you can invite your teammates, flexibly configure access permissions, share lists, assign to-dos to each other, and more.

Once installed, the app will perfectly work in any web browser.

Connecting with the iOS app

The integration between Pocket Lists for Webasyst and iOS is coming soon. We are doing our best to ship the integration as soon as possible.

The iOS app sync is based on a secure REST API offered by the public cloud syncing hub. For the private cloud app, we will introduce and document a similar API. And with some tweaks on the iOS app side, this will enable the iOS app to sync via your privately hosted Webasyst instance.

A Big Step Towards
Pocket Lists For Teams

The idea of making Pocket Lists the world's friendliest to-do list app would not be full if we had limited it to personal use only. Needless to say that we wanted Pocket Lists to be a great app for teams and businesses too.

But when it comes to teamwork and collaboration, the basic to-do-list-only functionality, which most of Pocket Lists competitor apps are actually limited to, is obviously not enough. Teams and business require more advanced features including the option to customize an app to fit in their unique workflows. So we knew that we need some sort of an extensible platform for to-do lists... plus everything else. The Webasyst framework was the ultimate foundation for this thanks to its open architecture, a big number of existing useful apps, and flexible user access management features.

Originally planned as a side project and a companion app for Pocket Lists for iOS, the Webasyst app became super handy and useful on its own. This is why we decided to make it a foundation for future development of Pocket Lists for teams and businesses.

You just can’t imagine what we will be capable of when the Pocket Lists to Webasyst integration will be completed. Stay tuned! πŸš€