Pocket Lists — Family To-Do List Organizer

Perfect Family Organizer App

Shared to-do lists and teamwork had been possible with many apps out there, but there were no apps yet with the family collaboration built into the very heart of the app. We are proud to make Pocket Lists the to-do list app industry's first app built specifically for families — not just teams and businesses.

Premium × 6

Invite up to 6 members to your family, which will automatically give them access to all premium features the Pocket Lists app offers.

Quicker List Sharing

Easily control who can see each new to-do list you create.

Keep Staying Private

Continue working with private lists which only you can access.

The ‘Family’ Tab

Be productive with app's all-new family collaboration screen.

Activity Log

See the complete history of everyone's actions.


Delegate to-dos to your family members.

Commenting Coming Soon

Discuss to-dos with your family.

* * *

Basic family collaboration functionality is available for free! An optional family subscription grants all Pocket Lists premium features to each family member you invite and enables advanced features such as family activity log and to-do assignments. The subscription is just $3.99/mo for the entire family of up to six family members.